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Journalism and Reflective Practice

Learning Objectives

  • To understand what debiasing is.
  • To know the three categories of debiasing.
  • To know at least five strategies for debiasing.

Quick Links

Additional Exploration Exercises

Printable PDF of the 20 Ways To Cultivate An Open Mind

Playing Publisher: Create your own online paper

Consider the Opposite: A case study

Training for Your Brain


  • Scholarly article on debiasing techniques and their efficacy: “Giving Debiasing Away: Can Psychological Research on Correcting Cognitive Errors Promote Human Welfare?” In Perspectives on Psychological Science 4(4) (2009), p. 390.
  • For more reading on how memory, attention, rules and social perceptions influence our decisions: A Primer on Decision Making: How Decisions Happen, by James G. March and Chip Heath (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1994).
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