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About the Book

Overcoming Bias

A Journalist’s Guide to Culture & Context

Sue Ellen Christian

Journalists go out of their way to avoid purposeful bias in the news. But there is a more pervasive set of internal biases and flaws in thinking that can lead to unintentional inaccuracies and distortions in news coverage. This engaging book offers a fresh take on reporting without bias, targeting the way that we categorize people, filter information and default to rehearsed ways of thinking.

Included throughout are stories and on-target advice from reporters and editors, providing real-world voices and experiences. This advice and guidance is coupled with practical exercises that give readers the chance to apply what they learn.

Overcoming Bias will teach readers to edit their thinking for habitual errors, making them more perceptive journalists. It provides a career-long foundation for challenging bias.

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Features of the Book

  • Learning Objectives preview the important concepts of each chapter.
  • Pause & Consider boxes prompt reflection and discussion of substantive material.
  • On Assignment Features spotlight stories and interviews with professional reporters.
  • Exploration Exercises offer extended opportunities for readers to put ideas into practice, with additional real-life examples and writing ideas.
  • For Review Sections help readers remember what they’ve read by answering questions and discussing topics with peers.
  • Appendices contain excerpts from news stories to better illustrate key points

About the Author

Sue Ellen Christian is an associate professor of journalism at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Christian was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune for a decade and has also served on the reporting staffs of the Detroit News and the Los Angeles Times. Her beats at the Tribune included government, politics and public health. She is the recipient of news writing and reporting awards as well as honors for her scholarship and teaching, including a College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Achievement in Teaching award. Christian teaches news writing and reporting, and organizes community-reporting projects around issues of diversity with a focus on multimedia storytelling. Christian’s scholarly work focuses on multicultural and cross-cultural communication, service learning and journalism pedagogy.

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