Instructional Models for Physical Education, 3e

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Author: Mike Metzler
480 Pages | 978-1-934432-13-6

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Instructional Models for Physical Education has two primary goals for its readers. The first is to familiarize them with the notion of model-based instruction for physical education, including the components and dimensions that determine a model’s pattern of teaching and how to select the most effective model for student learning in a particular unit. The second goal is to describe each of the instructional models in such a way to give readers enough information to use any of the models with confidence and good results.

The book includes everything readers will need for planning, implementing, and assessing when teaching with instructional models. It will help readers incorporate research-based practices in their lessons, adapt activities to include students of varying abilities, and teach to standards.

New! Models tied to NASPE standards! The author has revised the third edition to show how use of the instructional models can help teachers meet specific NASPE standards. A table in each of the model chapters shows explicitly how the model aligns with NASPE standards.

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