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If you have used one of the models described in Instructional Models for Physical Education in a unit and have a written plan for that unit, please consider sharing it with other teachers and students who may be interested in using the model in their instruction. Please use the instructions, checklist, and email link/address for sending your models units for posting on the website.

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Guidelines for Submitting Model-Based Unit Plans

I am looking for good examples of model-based instruction (MBI) unit plans to use as a resource to accompany the third edition of Instructional Models for Physical Education (IMPE-III). This edition features a new website that will include, among other resources for teachers and students, a catalogue of unit plans that are based on the models described in the book:

Direct Instruction
Personalized System for Instruction
Cooperative Learning
Sport Education
Tactical Games/Teaching Games for Understanding
Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility
Inquiry Teaching
Peer Teaching

If you would like to have your unit plan reviewed for inclusion on the IMPE website, please follow these instructions:

  1. Be sure that your unit plan accurately represents a model from IMPE-III. Please do not submit a unit that drastically modifies a model and/or combines two or more models.
  2. Do not submit any photographs of yourself or children, even if the children are not from your school. Photographs without people in them are OK.
  3. Submit your entire MBI plan in one file, in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format and be sure the materials are in the proper order. You may include a table of contents if that will help the readers.
  4. Email your file to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I will acknowledge that I have received your file. That acknowledgment does not automatically mean your MBI plan has been accepted for the website. I will review your plan and respond regarding whether I’d like to use it, and at that time I will ask for your permission to publish it on the website. Only after I receive your written (email) permission will it be posted on the site.
  5. Please refer to the checklist on the next page. Your MBI plan MUST include all required materials. If you are lacking any of those, please do not submit your plan for consideration. Of course, it is OK to add any missing parts and then submit your MBI unit.
  6. Finally, please be aware that I am not looking for “picture perfect” examples of models. I want readers to see examples that represent each model well, but also reflect creative and unique planning by teachers as they use each model in real school settings.

Checklist for MBI Units for IMPE-3 Website

MBI Unit Component Required Optional
MBI unit plan submitted as .pdf, .doc, or .docx

Cover page, with:
a. your name
b. your school and location (town and state)
c. model used
d. grade(s) taught
e. content (e.g., dance, basketball, fitness)

Rationale for selecting this model
Contextual analysis, with
a. description of class (number of students, etc.)
b. number of class days
c. number of instructional minutes per day
d. equipment and teaching space(s)
e. other available resources, including technology

Major learning goals for your unit
State and/or national standards addressed in your unit
Block plan that shows content progression/topic for each lesson in the unit
Lesson plan for each lesson (must be typed)
Benchmark analysis for 2-3 lessons
Assessment plan for major learning outcomes
Examples of assessments used in the unit
(Do not include completed assessment sheets—just the forms you used)

Analysis of student learning outcomes
Assessment of student perceptions of this model
Lesson and/or unit reflections (What went well? What would you change the next time you use this model for this unit?)
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