Written by Mike Metzler

Welcome to the website for the third edition of Instructional Models for Physical Education! I am excited that Holcomb Hathaway is supporting the great new resource for students, teachers, and instructors who promote the use of model-based instruction (MBI) in our field. The website provides a number of features that can introduce new users to MBI, and enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers who are already using one or more of these models.

The website is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for many resources that extend the content and application of IMPE-3, such as the catalogue of MBI Unit Plans. Please share your best examples of model-based instruction by submitting them for inclusion in the catalogue.

The use of model-based instruction has increased tremendously in the last ten years. Most of that increase can be attributable to the fact that many teachers have shown creative and effective ways to apply MBI that truly lead to improved student learning in physical education. It is my hope that IMPE-3 and this website, with your participation, can continue the expanded use of model-based instruction in physical education.

Mike Metzler


Instructor materials are available!

Written by Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers

The complimentary ancillary materials are available for instructors who have adopted the third edition of Instructional Models for Physical Education. If you have adopted the book for your course and have not yet received your User name and Password for instructor materials, please visit our website to find out how to request the required information. Thanks so much for the adoption!


Links to MBI units

Written by Mike Metzler

Here are a few links to excellent MBI unit plans I found on the PELINKS4U website.

Take a look!


Submit Your Unit Plan

Written by Mike Metzler

If you have used one of the models described in Instructional Models for Physical Education in a unit and have a written plan for that unit, please consider sharing it with other teachers and students who may be interested in using the model in their instruction. Please use the instructions, checklist, and email address for sending your models units for posting on the website.


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