Chapter 1

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports:
National Association for Health and Fitness:
National Association for Sport and Physical Education:
American College of Sports Medicine:
National Strength and Conditioning Association:
American Society of Exercise Physiologists:
The Scientific Method:

Chapter 2

Muscle Physiology—Myofilament Structure:
Sliding Filament Model:

Chapter 3

Biological Energy Conversion, Review of Anaerobic Metabolism:
Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle:
Electron Transport System:
Cycling Performance Tips, basic physiology, cell energy metabolism:

Chapter 4

The Peripheral Nervous System, Neuromuscular Junction and Muscle:
The Nervous System:
North American Congress on Biomechanics:
Electromyography Fundamentals:

Chapter 5

Cardiovascular System:
American Heart Association:
The Heart.Org Cardiology Online:
AACVPR—American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

Chapter 6

AACVPR—American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation:
National Jewish Medical and Research Center:
American Lung Association:
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):

Chapter 7

Endocrine System (Hormones) Topics:
Endocrine System:
Endocrine System:
The Pituitary Foundation:
Growth Hormone:

Chapter 8

The Immune System:
Antibody Production:
Comprehensive AIDS and HIV Information:

Chapter 9

Physical Activity and Health, Women:
Physical Activity and Weight Control:
American Obesity Association Homepage:
National Osteoporosis Foundation:

Chapter 10

Physical Activity and Health Executive Summary:
Physical Activity and Fitness: Healthy People 2020:
Sports Coach—V•O2 max:
Anaerobic Threshold:
Gatorade Sports Science Institute:

Chapter 11

Physical Factors Behind the Action Potential:
Strength Training:
Concurrent Resistance and Endurance Training:

Chapter 12

Types of Stretching:
Stretching and Flexibility:
PNF Stretching:
Flexibility Basics:

Chapter 13

Speed Training:
USA Track and Field:
Sprint Training for Developing Athletes:
The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports:

Chapter 14

Fatigue in Exercise:
Neuromuscular Research Center:

Chapter 15

Food and Nutrition Information Center:
American Dietetic Association:
Vitamins and Minerals: and
Sports Nutrition:

Chapter 16

The Physician and Sports Medicine: Ergogenic Aids:
NIDA Research Report—Steroid Abuse and Addiction:
Creatine Supplementation:
Sports Science Creatine Review:
U.S. Anti-Doping Agency:
NCAA Drug Testing:

Chapter 17

Environmental Physiology Lab:
Temperature and Performance:
Athletes and Fluid Replacement:
The High Altitude Medicine Guide:
OA Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illness:

Chapter 18

Physical Fitness and Activity in Schools:;105/5/1156
American Academy of Pediatrics:
ACSM Current Comment—Preseason Conditioning for Young Athletes:
Strength Training for Children and Adolescents:
Strength Training for Children:

Chapter 19

International Society for Aging and Physical Activity:
Physical Fitness and Senior Citizens:

Chapter 20

Female Athlete Triad: eMedicine Sports Medicine:
Exercise During Pregnancy:
The Physician and Sports Medicine: Strength Training for Females: