Chapter 9

Health Benefits of Physical Activity

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Key Concepts

angina pectoris atherosclerosis basal metabolic rate
body mass index (BMI) cardiovascular disease chylomicron
claudication collateral circulation coronary heart disease (CHD)
degenerative disease diabetes mellitus embolus
hemorrhagic stroke high-density lipoprotein hyperglycemia
hyperlipidemia hyperplastic obesity hypertension
hypertrophic obesity hypoglycemia infectious disease
intermediate-density lipoprotein isocaloric state law of energy balance
lipoprotein low-density lipoprotein myocardial infarction
negative caloric balance obesity osteoporosis
peripheral vascular disease positive caloric balance spot reducing
state anxiety stroke thromboembolic stroke
thrombus trait anxiety type 1 diabetes mellitus
type 2 diabetes mellitus very-low-density lipoprotein  

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