Chapter 6


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Key Concepts

acid alkaline reserve alveolar duct
alveolar ventilation rate alveolus anatomical dead space
base Boyle’s law  bronchioles 
bronchus buffer system  coefficient of oxygen utilization
diffusion gradient dyspnea erythrocyte
esophagus eupnea exercise-induced asthma (EIA)
exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) expiration phase  expiratory reserve volume 
external respiration functional residual capacity  Gay-Lussac’s law 
globin glottis heme
hemoglobin Henry’s law hyperventilation
hypocapnia hypoventilation  inspiration phase 
inspiratory capacity inspiratory reserve volume  internal respiration
ischemia law of partial pressures lung ventilation rate
nasopharynx oxygenation  oxygen cost of breathing
oxygen dissociation curve pharynx pulmonary ventilation 
residual volume respiratory center second wind
stitch in the side tidal volume tissue respiration
total lung capacity trachea  turbinate 
ventilation equivalent vital capacity   

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