Chapter 5

The Cardiovascular System

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Key Concepts

arteriole arteriovenous anastomose (AV shunt) artery
atrioventricular (AV) node atrium autorhythmicity
blood flow blood pressure  capacitance vessels 
capillary cardiac contractility  cardiac cycle 
cardiac output (CO) cardiac reserve diastole
diastolic pressure dynamic exercise end diastolic volume (EDV)
end systolic volume (ESV) ephaptic conduction exercise intensity
Fick method Frank–Starling law of the heart  gap junction 
heart murmur hypertrophy indicator dilution method
intercalated disk maximum heart rate (HRmax) metarteriole
myocardium non-pathologic cardiac hypertrophy  pathologic cardiac hypertrophy 
pressure gradient pulmonary vein  Purkinje fibers 
reserve of heart rate resistance resistance vessels
resting heart rate sinoatrial (SA) node sphygmomanometer
static exercise stroke volume (SV)  stroke volume reserve 
syncytium systole  systolic pressure 
vagus nerve vein ventricle
venule viscosity  

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