Chapter 4

The Nervous System

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Key Concepts

afferent neuron alpha motor neuron autonomic nervous system
axon basal ganglia Betz cells
central nervous system crossed extensor reflex dendrite 
efferent neuron electromyography  electronic integrators
endolymph extrafusal muscle fibers (EF) extrapyramidal system
flexion reflex frequency domain gamma motor neuron
Golgi tendon organs integration  internuncial neuron 
intrafusal muscle fibers (IF) kinesthesis  lower motor neuron 
motor cortex motor neuron muscle action potential (MAP)
muscle spindle myotatic reflex neuron
parasympathetic branch peripheral nervous system planimetry
power density spectrum (pds) premotor cortex proprioception
pyramidal system pyramidal tracts qualitative electromyography
quantitative electromyography reciprocal inhibition reflex
righting reflex sensory neuron somatic nervous system
spinal reflex sympathetic branch time domain
upper motor neuron vestibular receptor  

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