Chapter 2

Structure of Muscle Tissue and Muscle Contraction

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Key Concepts

A band acetylcholine (ACH) actin
action potential adenosine diphosphate (ADP) adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
cardiac muscle cross-bridge recycling end bulb
endomysium epimysium fascia
fasciculus fast-twitch glycolytic (FG) fast-twitch oxidative glycolytic (FOG)
H zone I band mitochondria
motor neuron motor unit myofibril
myofilament myoneural junction myosin
myosin ATPase myosin cross-bridge neuromuscular junction
perimysium sarcolemma sarcomere
sarcoplasm sarcoplasmic reticulum skeletal muscle
sliding filament model slow-twitch oxidative (SO) smooth muscle
synapse syncytium transverse tubules
tropomyosin troponin Z-line

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Muscle Physiology—Myofilament Structure:
Sliding Filament Model: